A 30-day Health Challenge

I have decided to challenge myself to follow the GAPS diet for 30 days with no cheating while ensuring I follow certain things that I find important [take detox baths, incorporate certain foods, and get some form of exercise]. We’ve been on it for seven months now but I too often deviate from the program. I will follow this protocol Every.Single.Day starting on Tuesday (11/1/11) for 30 days and ‘weigh in’ on how I feel and the changes I have made on 12/1/11. I have seriously fallen off the wagon with the incredibly strong need I have for certain comfort foods lately. A few friends have pointed to die off as the cause. I’m not sure I can pinpoint the exact cause(s), but I do know that these foods – like Cool Ranch Doritos, really great crusty, chewy breads, milk, and sweets – absolutely do not carry critical nutrients that I am lacking. Friends, it’s time to hit the reset button. 

The Universe seems to have led me to this latest venture. I have a friend who recently issued a fitness challenge http://fatmomtofitmom.wordpress.com/; I have fallen off the wagon with a hard core need for illegals as I already mentioned; and I have been kicking around the idea for a couple of months of using a pair of Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes (knock offs for any of you who know how much they cost) that I want really really really bad as incentive to not cheat on GAPS for 30 days straight. I always manage to sneak something in around the peak time in my hormone cycles (ovulating and menstruation). For some reason, I want to earn these shoes. Absolutely NOT a previous word in my vocabulary. This trifecta of events/ideas is what’s going to get me back on course and onto the next level of healing.

Tomorrow, I’ll post my measurements, weight, and before pics with the details of what I’d like to include into my daily routine to take my health journey to another level. LET’S DO THIS BABY!

3 thoughts on “A 30-day Health Challenge”

  • I'm starting intro today for myself and already freaked out. This is great encouragement! I'll use you as my daily encouragement to stay focused and disciplined. Good luck!!!!

  • Ladies, some days we will breeze through it and some days we will struggle to put one food in front of the other. Let's remember to share our accomplishments and stumbles to remind us that we're not in it alone!"The impossible can always be broken down into possibilities." ~ Author Unknown

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