30 day Health Challenge – Day 14

I was fairly tired today and spent much of the day resting. I didn’t feel too bad overall but I felt the need to give myself a break (though I did the same yesterday). It may have been the rough night of sleep Katie – and therefore I – got last night or detox or healing or hormones or who knows; regardless I took a break. My mood was pretty darn good through the day. Getting the motivation to work out tonight was a bit rough though. I would have rather climbed into bed early but realized I was starting to not feel as well as evening went on and knew I needed a detox bath. If I didn’t, then tomorrow’s plan would have gone out the window. Katie goes to school in the morning and I have an hour at home until I have to return to pick her up. I need that hour to catch up on some housework and I would have needed to take my bath then if I chose to skip it tonight. So, if I’m going to take my bath tonight, I might as well work out first because I don’t want to get back in the habit of not working out like I have in the past. I’m glad I reasoned myself into it. 🙂 Luckily, I have a good support system of friends who are willing to help keep me going and keep the positive stream of thoughts in my head. It’s been a great help in fully sticking to GAPS (no cheating since Thursday and this through ovulation, quite an impressive feat for me) and completing my workouts.

Workout: 2 sets, 50/10 second split – sliding push ups, butterfly crunches, right leg lunges, left leg lunges, monkey push ups, jump squats

Eats: (95% organic)
curried vegetable soup [carrot, celery, green peas, cauliflower, onions, roasted garlic, curry powder, Caltic sea salt, olive oil]
8 oz elderberry & tart cherry juice with 1/2 t Natural Calm
1/2 can of tuna with finely diced celery, shredded carrot, diced onion, olive oil, and black pepper and green beans sauteed in olive oil (steamed then turned down to medium low before adding olive oil)
apple with dip [coconut oil, raw local honey, cinnamon, cayenne pepper]
roast duck with cranberry rose hips sauce [fresh cranberries, dried roships, and water simmered and pureed until smooth then raw honey added to taste after cooling], leftover green beans, and raw celery salad [diced celery, olive oil, Celtic sea salt]
coconut flakes [unsweetened, dehydrated]

about 54 oz

Items I was able to tick off the list:
oil pullingdry brushing
detox bathjuicing
fermented cod liver oil [no more butter oil since I have removed dairy from my diet]
herbal teas
bone broth
raw liver pills
coconut oil

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