30 day Health Challenge – Day 1!

I’m super tired right now, so I’ll make this brief. Today’s workout felt great! I haven’t worked out in a couple of weeks and I felt strong and ready for anything. My breathing was more labored than I’d like – I think it’s scar tissue from a very serious case of pneumonia when I was young -, but it wasn’t too bad. Luckily, I now know the feeling completely dissipates when I am eating properly and working out. 🙂 Woohoo! I love healing foods. My nose ran like crazy today while I worked out, oil pulled, and raked leaves so I know my lymph system is clearing out. All in all it was a good day. My mood was great, and my only food infraction is that darn dairy. I think it will take me a couple of days to master that. I crave it so much – it’s especially bad when I work out -, and it helps with my protein intake and keeps me from getting sore after workouts. I’ll continue to work on it. I may need a couple of days to tweak my diet.

Workout: http://www.bodyrock.tv/2011/04/04/not-afraid-workout/

3 glasses raw milk :sigh:
local, 100% grass-fed round steak with local organic carrots (crockpotted)
nettle tea
rose hips tea
carrot, apple, ginger juice
hot italian pork sausage
3 local, pastured scrambled eggs with nicoise olives

11/2/11 Edited to add: 3 clementines

Items I was able to tick off the list:
oil pulling
dry brushing
detox bath
fermented cod liver oil/butter oil
herbal teas
bone broth
raw liver pills
coconut oil

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