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Eat Clean and Get Lean Challenge

This has been a very busy month, and it wasn’t the greatest time to take on a challenge. I just have too many balls in the air right now.

Though I didn’t keep up with my goals, it did keep my diet in the spotlight. I have been cheating for the last couple of months and didn’t seem able to help myself. Not even kombucha, my fail-safe sweet craving fix, was doing the trick. Burgers (with buns), dairy, and candy were the worst offenders…and they were repeat offenders.  

I read a post recently on 3 little known reasons for holiday binging, and it just kind of clicked into place. I have not been taking any ‘me’ time and my stress levels have risen steadily over the last few months. Enter face stuffing. I either don’t want to eat at all or just want something psychologically comforting.

I am going to close this chapter to take one thing off my plate. For me, this year’s challenge is at an end. It caused some added stress, and that’s not the best way to improve my health.

It looks like a lot of people are in the same boat this year, and the group has been very quiet for the last 2 weeks. If you started with us and fell off the wagon, take a deep breath, know it’s okay, and let’s just keep working on our path to optimal health!