a new dynamic in healing

a new dynamic in healing

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Herbal Powerhouse Healing Tea

Herbal Powerhouse Healing Tea

Nettles have been a staple in my herbal and nutrition-based kitchen for some time. Thanks to the size of my pantry stash, my husband keeps telling me we’re going to be raided for selling marijuana. :snort: They’re a nutritional powerhouse and a great herb to start with for newbies. […]

Curb Your Sugar Cravings Naturally with 2 Superfoods

Curb Your Sugar Cravings Naturally with 2 Superfoods

Getting bored with nutrient-dense healing foods? This tasty treat will give you the wiggly, giggly fun of jello while sneaking in the healing powers of kombucha and gelatin. Gelatin Powdered gelatin is collagen extracted for use as a food and is a nutritional powerhouse. It’s […]

A Sneak Peek at My 7 Year Old’s New Temper Tantrum Cure

I’ve been super short on time lately, but I want to drop in to share the amazing progress I have made with Katie and a new healing modality.

I have gone full on woo woo, folks. I have entered into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and taken a left turn into energy medicine. It combines TCM’s understanding of the body through the meridians – like in acupuncture – and even ties in the body’s reflex points that I use to test supplements on clients as an NTP.

Combining the first tiny experiments with my growing understanding of essential oils is blowing my mind. For real.

This is all still very new to me, and I’m full on experimenting with ideas and techniques…but it’s working. Even at this early stage, combining energy medicine/TCM with essential oils is as life changing as nutritional therapy. I can’t even adequately describe how excited I am, and I cannot WAIT to fully understand and use it.

If you have been on the fence about essential oils or haven’t done much with them, now is the time. Stick with me, and they may just turn your world right side up again.

If you want to join my team and learn more about this, I would be thrilled and honored to share my discoveries (you can sign up HERE).

In addition to all the progress I’ve made with Katie, techniques on me, the hubs, and baby Luca have all been successful. I AM A HAPPY, CALM MOM 90% OF THE DAY even in a seriously sleep deprived state. That alone deserves to be screamed from a mountain somewhere.

Here are the posts that I shared in my essential oils group on Facebook —



Are you ready for an essential oils breakthrough? I can’t contain my excitement about the new area of study and research that I’m embarking on.

I’m now studying the connection between the physical body and our emotions through Chinese/energy medicine.

EOs and flower essences are my favorite tools for emotional balancing. By linking it to physical dysfunction, we can see a holistic relationship emerge and learn to address imbalances in new ways.

The most intriguing example for me right now is my 7 year old daughter. She gets insanely hyper at 5 pm every day like clockwork and her emotions spiral out of control until she is a stomping, yelling, angry mess.

I’ve been at a loss on the cause and have been racking my brain and trying different remedies with no luck.

She has always had symptoms around kidney dysfunction. Last night, I reread that 5 pm is ‘kidney’ on the 24-hour Qi clock. Ding ding ding!

That means her kidney energy is most active from 5-7 pm, and the dysfunction causes her to act out and her energy to go haywire. The kidneys filter toxic energy.

Kidneys are also associated with fear. A big one for us. She has agoraphobia and is afraid to leave the house without a parent with her, and often has to stay with me over daddy. A recent fear of spiders and imaginary ones covering the ceiling at bedtime have been an issue too.

Tying it back to EOs, I am going to start balancing the emotions tied to kidney dysfunction with oils.

Oils that instill courage, uplift the mood, inspire optimism, and grounding oils that help to calm and balance the energy will be rubbed over her kidneys (1% dilution) 2-3 times a day, especially at 5 pm and bedtime.

I’ll be testing her reflex points, and using intuition, scent, and muscle testing to determine which are the best oils to start with.

In 2-3 weeks, we’ll see what changes happen and which oils work best on her. Then, I’ll start energy work and flower essences to see how well they work synergistically with oils, and nutritional therapy to address the physical dysfunction.



After working on the emotional and energetic side of Katie’s kidneys with essential oils for just a few (bumbling) sessions, she is ready to fly on an airplane again.

It has been over 2 years. She got very sick and almost passed out from the pressure changes during descent and understandably refused to get on another plane.

Apparently, Angelica essential oil does help heal deep emotional trauma and kidneys are the seat of fear.

No monsters watching her, no imaginary spiders crawling all over her ceiling at bedtime, and she even decided to watch the ‘scary’ parts in Brave over the weekend.

Now, we’re working on anger. 👿 Ai yai yai.



Revitalizing Essential Oil Soak for Moms

Revitalizing Essential Oil Soak for Moms

Sometimes, motherhood is Pinterest-worthy crafts in a clean(ish) home with enthralled and well-behaved children…and then, we have the other 355 days of the year. Motherhood is hard. It’s the most amazing and rewarding experience I have ever had, but it’s really hard. Those unshowered days […]

I Have an Autoimmune Disease

I Have an Autoimmune Disease

Allergies are often a precursor to autoimmunity. I have flirted with it all my life thanks to lifelong undiagnosed food allergies, chronic fatigue, food addictions, and constant inflammation. But those symptoms were all disappearing. All the hard work was paying off. And then I got pregnant. Pregnancy […]

My Diary

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Allergies are often a precursor to autoimmunity. I have flirted with it all my life thanks to lifelong undiagnosed food allergies, chronic fatigue, food addictions, and constant inflammation.

But those symptoms were all disappearing. All the hard work was paying off.

And then I got pregnant.

Pregnancy is rough on a mama’s body, y’all. When you have chronic nutrient deficiencies, it can throw you into a tailspin.

The fatigue was back in full force, I was always short of breath, and I gained a lot of weight from the food I couldn’t stop shoving into my gullet. A lot.

I Have an Autoimmune Disease

About those foods…there is never a time when food tastes better than during pregnancy.


Dunkin Donuts, baked goods by the truckload, raw milk by the gallon, hot ham and cheese sandwiches on onion rolls, messy burgers loaded up with toppings and hugged by a brioche bun. It was glorious.

My addictions had me by the proverbial bollocks and bulldozed any attempt at self-restraint.

And then it happened…

A couple of weeks ago, at four months postpartum, I had my required yearly physical. I have a set of amazing integrated health doctors who automatically do a comprehensive blood test that covers everything imaginable including Celiac Disease.

I tested positive for the first time ever. Drat.

While breastfeeding another wee bairn who showed immediate sensitivities, I went back to Autoimmune Paleo + white rice. I’m so grateful I knew about AIP and had loosely been following it.

Though I don’t have a lifestyle overhaul to worry about now, there’s still a whole mental shift requiring a support system, resources, and a change in thinking.

A detox bath and some activated charcoal won’t erase the oopsy of that random scone anymore.

A Mind Shift

It has only been a couple of days, but I think this diagnosis will be good for me. I can fully step out of old habits and finish shaking off any lingering health issues.

It will be hard. It will hurt. I will probably, or definitely, throw tantrums on occasion but I’ll be healthier because of it.

I have to be. I have two children to guide on their healing journeys.

I Have an Autoimmune Disease

I’ll be talking more about the tools I’m using to get back into balance and share resources that can help you on your healing journey.